You've Got Questions? 
We've Got The Answers

Where do you source your milk?
Maplebrook Farm sources 100% of our milk from local Vermont farmers. 

Are you rBGH and rBST free? 
Yes. The local farms we work with guarantee that all milk delivered to Maplebrook Farm is both rBGH and rBST free.

Are the cows grass fed? 
Yes. The cows are grass feed in favorable seasons; however, during the harsh winters of Vermont the cows are grain fed. 

What kind of rennet do you use? 
All of our rennet is vegetarian

Are your products organic?
No. At this time Maplebrook Farm's products are not organic. We are currently researching organic possibilities and will update with any changes we make. 

Are your products pasteurized? 
Yes. All of Maplebrook Farm's products are made using pasteurized milk. 

Do you offer any sheep or goat milk cheeses?
No. Maplebrook Farm only uses 100% Vermont COW milk.  

Can your products be purchased online? 
Unfortunately we are not currently set up to sell our cheeses online. 

Can I stop by and purchase cheese? 
Unfortunately we do not sell retail at our facility. There are several local stores who carry our products.

Can I stop by and tour your facility? 
At this time we are not able to offer tours to the general public. We are building a new facility, which will have windows, giving our customers the ability to watch our cheesemakers in action.